We are Benthem Crouwel Architects

Bringing benefit to society with every design: sensible and surprising buildings, simple solutions to complex problems.

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Making connections

Our architecture practice covers every shape, scale and service of design. A diverse and international portfolio and over four decades of experience ensure we are fully equipped to tackle any urban challenge. We approach every project the same way: inquisitive and enthusiastic, we use our imagination, expertise and smart craftsmanship to find the best possible solutions. This results in high quality sustainable urban environments and flexible, mixed-use buildings that are a pleasure to dwell in. We connect people and places.

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Working together

Collaboration is at the heart of our practice. Excellent architecture starts with an open mind: through curiosity, attentive listening and detailed research we are able to reveal the question behind the question. Our designs then take shape in multi-disciplinary co-creation with the client and all stakeholders. This is how we not just meet the design challenge, but are able to elevate the project to a future-proof urban asset. The outcome of this process are functional yet exciting buildings that people can connect with and be proud of, now and in the future.

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PRAGMATIC IDEALISM we embrace the paradox: daring to dream, designing to build.

Beyond architecture

We design beyond architecture - creating buildings, spaces and infrastructure that contribute to an urban ecosystem. Our projects have meaning beyond their physical boundaries as they promote urban integration and bring lasting value to their surroundings. They improve public space and simplify daily life, often in unexpected ways.

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DARING CRAFTMANSHIP we combine knowledge and creativity, evidence and experiment.

Designing for people

It is our goal to give the people who use our designs the best user experience possible. Every building, transformed or new, that we introduce to the environment should add value at all levels: to citizens, a neighborhood, the city, our planet. Our design is future-proof in the broadest sense, and lets flexibility and sustainability go hand in glove with buildings that foster long term social cohesion. The end result is a collection of seamlessly integrated functionalities - buildings that are meaningful, practical and beautiful.

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ENGAGED CURIOUSITY committed to client and user, we never stop learning and improving.

Over 40 years of Benthem Crouwel architecture

Today, partners Pascal Cornips, Daniel Jongtien, Saartje van der Made and Joost Vos lead our international team of some fifty professionals at our Amsterdam based Benthem Crouwel LAB. We work on our projects from Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.